Discussing Paint Techniques, Tools and Materials

Discussing Paint Techniques, Tools and Materials

Decorate Your Family Room With A Western Theme

by Judd Barnett

If your family room is the setting for a lot of family fun, you probably want to decorate it in a unique way. Maybe you have already decided that you want a western theme in the family room. If so, you are in for some fun decorating and shopping. Are you looking for ideas that will give your family room the western look you want?  If so, keep reading for some helpful ideas. 

Start with the wall treatment. That will set the western feeling you are looking for. If you've ever painted a room before, you more than likely remember what a tedious job that was. In addition, maybe the results after your hard work weren't that great. If you haven't ever painted a large space before, friends and extended family members might tell you that you'll be much better off by hiring professionals to do the interior painting for you.

Once you find the painters who will do the job, you just need to come up with the wall treatment you want. A pale yellow will go with basically any decor you select for the room. Off-white would work well, too. Denim blue would also be a good choice, especially if you stencil things like boots and cowboy hats around the middle of the room. The painting company will probably have talented painters who can faux paint your walls to look like leather. Think of having a western-themed border as part of the wall treatment. 

Once you have chosen the wall treatment, the other decor will more than likely fall into place nicely. For example, if you chose a denim blue for the color of your wall paint, think of buying furniture with red denim upholstery. If you went with a light tan color for the wall, choose a deep chocolate brown for leather furniture.

Choose things like unique glass-topped kegs for your end tables. An antique flat-topped travel chest would probably work really well as your coffee table. if there's enough space in your family room, buy one or two wooden rocking chairs.

Have some fun with the wall treatment. For example, colorful paintings of pigs, cows and roosters would certainly add interest to your family room. Stenciled words will do the same thing. For example, the same painters who did your wall treatment will be happy to stencil things like, "Howdy, Partner" or "Leave Your Boots At The Door" in strategic places on the walls.

For more information, contact a painting company.


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